Day & Night Blinds

Our made to measure day and night blinds comes with many advantages and a very fashionable look. These blinds are a mix of two flexible materials, sheer fabric, and opaque panels. Day and night blinds have flexible command on light and privacy, enabling light to penetrate while preserving privacy through the transparent material. Change the fabric panels to allow light to penetrate or block entirely. To add an advanced alternative, use the motor system installed with your blinds to conveniently monitor your blinds through a remote or smartphone app.

Shop the Vertical blinds for home depot from our unique collection:

Vertical blinds do not block the light entirely as some light still passes through the louvers. When these blinds are pulled back, they form a stack at one end of the window. If it bothers you, you can buy roller blinds. Unlike roller and roman blinds, vertical blinds are not suitable for curvy or bent windows. Discover the best-fit blinds for your Room here.